Moving and relocation Oslo

Moving and relocation in Oslo and Akershus.

When you move, you often need help. We are the company for you! Our company is always welkoming, professional, punctual and we customize our service for your needs. It is very important for us that you are happy with our service, therefore we want to give you our best service and deliver our work with the best quality possible. We save your stress and work, while moving goes faster.

Creative Renhold AS gets the job done!

Når du trenger hjelp med flytting, parkering, bortkjøring og vask, med en god resultat  kontakt oss.

We can take responsability for the following tasks:

  • packing your belongings, safe transportation and unpacking from the moving boxes in your new home.
  • assembly amd disassembly
  • furniture moving
  • removal of the housing from witch it is moved
  • physical relocation

   We work fast and efficiently at competitive prices.

Business/office moving company

Creative Renhold AS har experience in moving for bussines and the implementation is fast. We are in a free trial so we can provide you with a real offer, either fixed price or an hours.


We promise to deliver quality

   Our goals is satisfier customers. This involves focusing on quality control and quality management. We whant to ensure that the qualiti of the   cleaning is as agreed.

Professional pakage help

  We can make your moving process easier. We offer you professional package help. It means that, we are packing down for you and securing your personal things.

 We can help you assemble and disassemble furniture and other belongings if necesary or if you want. Some furniture can be moved with no dissemble needed other can not.

 In case you have extra valuable assests it is possible to special wrap it in bubble wrapping. When using our service you can get a moving guarantee that will protect your belongings and give you a refound, in case your assests get hurt in tve moving process.

Safe shipping

We will ship your belongings as safe as possible. Therefor we own different types of cars that fit different types of assignments. The cars cargo hold is equipped with the necessary securing equipment so that your belongings will reach their shipping destination as safe as possible. We have the capacity to move pianos, big electronics such as refrigerator and we also transport big furnitures safely.


 Do yo have a lot of waste and you can not fix it yourself?

 Contact Creative Renhold AS, we come and do it for you. We are on the go and give you a good offer.

During the site inspection we will speak about the tasks you want us to do and how much that will cost. We offer both fixed schedule of charges and charges per hour.

Akershus, Buskerud, Oslo, Østfold.


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