Carpet washing and furniture cleaning

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Carpet washing and furniture cleaning services

Creative Renhold AS has professionals workers and can do it in gentle and efficient way.

Carpets can affect the quality of the indoor air and can hide a lot of dust and bacteria.

Less dust gives a better indoor enviorment and decreases  the risk for allergy aliments.

To achieve the best results we adapt our cleaning services to every customer.

Når du trenger hjelp med tepperens, sofarens  flyttevask, møblerens, vaskhjelp, rengjøring i Oslo med en god resultat  kontakt oss.-a|aQ1

We take care of the indoor enviroment by using modern  methods, tools and machines so that everythings look good.

The work is done by following a plan in order to achieve the best results.

Take contact today no matter what type of cleaning you need.


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